P  R  O  D  U  C  T    C  E  N  T  E  R

Touch screens are widely used  to improve human-computer interaction efficiency today

Infrared technology has absolute advantages over capacitors, resistors, sound waves and radar in large  ​​Splice Liquid Crystal Display(SLCD) touch solutions. It has many advantages, such as fast response, low temperature resistance, high touch precision, unlimited touch times, and non-transparent touch objects.

infrared touch IC firmware: 

For manufacturers with production capacity independently,We sell competitive  IC firmware,it is efficient, flexible and fast to bill and manage through cloud service licensing platform,  QC is efficient through complete testing tools and complete production inspection tools.

The firmware has been verified by 300,000 PCS products and has passed 5 certifications.Full size including regular size below 100 inches, 100” to 150” custom touch frame, 150” to 1000” custom touch frame Touch points include 10 points, 16 points, 32 points, 64 points

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touch PCBA:

For touch module integrators, machine integrators, We sell touch PCBA widely used in advertising machine nesting, teaching one machine nesting, conference machine, electronic whiteboard, can be freely cut.

With complete test tools, pcba width is 15mm, full size including regular sizes less than 100 inches, and custom sizes from 100″ to 1000″

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touch frame or touch screen with glass: 

For industrial or commercial self-service integrators,  touch frame is widely used in self-service ticket vending machines, open touch displays, digital signage,etc., 

Be exquisite and beautiful with narrowness of 16.7mm.
Be optional waterproof, light resistant, waterproof + light resistant

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SLCD touch: 

For enterprises and public places, it is widely used in the reception, conference rooms, lecture halls, interactive digital exhibition halls and smart classrooms.

Up to 17 meters long,response sensitively
The products provided by QLTOUCH are spliced, easy to install and efficient, and easy to maintain. Touch PCBA parts can be installed and removed from the front.

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With domestic leading infrared multi-touch technology, dedicated to the development and sales of infrared touch

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